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BSL Premium Service

Finance Consultancy


If you would like BSL to take care of all of the above and guarantee you an offer from a UK university, learn more about the Premium Service.

  • Includes all the standard services plus services below.

  • Appointing a specially dedicated account manager from the London.

  • Support & advice on maintenance fund.

  • Support on IHS fee Payment

  • Support on tuition fees payment

  • Assist in flight booking for UK travel. 

  • Assist in Bangladesh airport (Subject to availability)

  • A UK mobile sim card to stay connecting with family (subject to availability)

  • Airport pickup in London (if needed) or arrange taxi.

  • Help to find UK accommodation (Subject to availability)

  • Assist in urgent accommodation in UK (Subject to availability)

  • Assist to register in GP (National Health Service)

  • Help to Open UK Bank Account

  • Help to Apply National Insurance number in the UK (NI) for Job.

  • Assist for applying part time jobs if required.

  • Ongoing help and support required in the UK, a home-to-home services.

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