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British StudyLink endeavours to be a friendly, creative, and trustable higher educational consultancy institution that offers various educational programmes to both students within the UK and to Bangladeshi students who wish to study at respectable universities in the United Kingdom.

Our commitment is to link you with a qualitative educational institution and make an overall comfortable experience in the UK. Our primary aim is to enhance both the mental horizon and fulfil the career goals for students who want to route their higher academic education through us. The core niche of our services is to put the worrying parent's minds at ease and guide their precious youngsters to fulfil their career goal by assisting and choosing a suitable well-known University in the Uk.

We at British StudyLink (BSL) are here to guide you all the way, whether you want to do an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degree as well as the highest professional qualifications such as PhD, MPhil. We will direct you to the best possible universities to cater to your individual needs while considering the availability of part-time jobs and reasonably priced flat/house rental within the University premises. Our goals are on academic excellence and making sure you enjoy your abroad life. We are committed to being with you all through your entire overseas journey. We will guide you from Visa Processing to your day-to-day life in the Uk after obtaining Visa until you adapt and become a part of the United Kingdom’s multicultural environment.

The core services we provide

• Admission (Under Graduation, Postgraduation, PhD and higher education).

• Visa Processing.

• Assist with IELTS and other Linguistics Learning programs.

• Find a reasonably priced ticket to fly to the UK.

Other Post-Visa services,

• such as guidance on how your life in the Uk will be easier,

• Find you a suitable rental flat/house.

• Assist to find a Part-time job.

• Reception from Airport.

The British StudyLink is committed to directing students to high-quality educational services for the mental uplift of the undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates in their professional programmes at various top universities and those pursuing specific career preparations in their professional life. We enable a broad-spectrum range of students to prepare for a wide range of life pursuits while fostering a passion and quest for knowledge. The understanding of cultural values with a view of themselves as independent thinkers and lifelong learners, plus contributors to knowledge and service to an ever-changing world in the new millennium.

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